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It's time to meat your destiny

We know how important it is that your partner meets your emotional, physical and gastronomical needs.

That’s why we have a dedicated team of scientists who apply a patented matchmaking methodology, including a series of carnivorous compatibility algorithms (CCA).

At Carnivore Club, meating your match is guaranteed.



James and I have been going out for 4 months now and it’s going really well. For so long I was stuck in a cycle of vegetarians and vegans, it was toxic. Before James, I was lost. Now, I have all the meat I’ve ever dreamed of.


When you’re one of us, dating can be difficult. When I joined Carnivore Club, I felt all the hope I’d lost coming back. Maybe, just maybe, I would truly meat my match here. And then I met Fiona! Not only is she beautiful, but she just gets me.

Any time, any place, your juciest meat fantasies are just a swipe away.

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Carnivore compatibility.

What does your favourite meat say about you?

European Sausage

You prefer life and your dates smooth, satisfying and just a little bit spicy. Traditional at heart, taste is important to you and you know that it’s what on the inside that really counts. Remember, variety is the spice of life so don’t be afraid to step outside your meaty comfort zone from time to time.

You should try:

Pork Pepperettes


Firstly, congratulations on your developed and sophisticated palette! You’re a rare breed. Not afraid to try new things, your perfect match would share your sense of adventure, be a little bit wild and probably European. Embrace your high standards but don’t be afraid to let your hair down.

You should try:

Corsican charcuterie


You love the simple things in life, like pretty blondes, refreshing brews and the perfect Biltong. Your ideal date includes a sunset, the great outdoors and Biltong Chilli Bites. Your perfect match will share your family values and always be up for a good time, good company and of course, good meats.

You should try:

Chorizo Droewors